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Eileen Shige Doyle was diagnosed with Metastic Adenocarcinoma in October 2011. She fought the cancer for more than a year, but lost that battle November 7th, 2012.

Eileen was a wonderfully talented artist.

She was a guest artist at several comic book shows over the years where she developed a large fan base – creating a variety of Star Wars and super hero characters. To celebrate her beautiful soul and to carry on her love of bringing joy to others through her artwork, I am starting Eileen’s Little Angels Foundation. At this time Eileen’s Little Angels Foundation is in the final stages of becoming a reality. I am very close to pulling everything together so I want to share what is planned for the foundation on this page so supporters can have an idea of what its all about.

I encourage input and ideas as well so please feel free to express your thoughts here at this site. :)

I will be teaming up with members of the 501st Legion and the Minnesota Super Heroes United to schedule visits to local Children’s Hospitals.

Prior to the costumers showing up for pictures, I will have a sit down with the kids to teach them how to draw Eileen’s Imaginative style of Star Wars good guys and bad guys along with the many Super Heroes that Eileen has created. We will use a wide variety of materials to draw on and with, from crayons to water color paints. Eileen’s Little Angels Foundation will provide all of the materials needed and then some.

At the end of the visit I would like to leave with the kids a wide variety of gifts featuring Eileen’s hand drawn artwork such as a coloring book, bandanas, and comforters and also a wide selection of removable vinyl wall decals in various characters and sizes.

It’s my hope to team up with manufactures who can provide a high quality and a professional product. For some of these kids the hospital room is their home so for the kids to able to decorate the space with Eileen’s beautiful and imaginative characters would be a wonderful gift from both Eileen’s Little Angels Foundation and you.

Please help me to help these kids and to honor Eileen’s memory by making a donation to Eileen’s foundation. For information on how to donate, click the image at the top of this page, or click HERE.

Eileen Cards
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and encouragement.

Eileen Cards